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Engineering Design Grant Proposal

I am happy to announce that my team’s grant proposal was accepted and were awarded our requested amount! Ironically, we found out 1 week after we purchased a large portion of components. The entire proposal is available here and a summary is included in this post.

Project Summary: Our goal is to create a 24-7 medical monitoring device. It will be similar in design to most smart watches and fitness bands, but will include more medically relevant measurements. Its purpose is to serve as a diagnostic aid, with a special focus on women who are perusing fertility treatment, that returns data to physicians . This device will improve on existing technologies by having improved power efficiency with continuous charging, better syncing methods, and a more seamless user experience.

Project Signifigance:
  • Many women rely on temperature based ovulation tracking to either become pregnant or as a form of birth control.
  • In addition, access to temperature for a patient 24 hours a day will aid several different fields of health professionals in their diagnoses.
  • There are also several illnesses that give indicators of their presence with temperature changes during sleep.

We are connecting the affects of stress & circadian rhythms to medical diagnostics. We hope to create a hybrid of popular consumer electronics to medical devices but be primarily geared towards women’s health.